How Do Students Benefit From a School Ski Trip?

VSS STOCK Snowbathing snow angel land

The educational benefits of School Ski Trips run the risk of being ignored or overlooked by some in favour of more curriculum-heavy trips like specialist History School Tours. However, School Ski Trips are such proven successes for a multitude of reasons. Ski Trips create an environment that promotes the learning of valuable lessons and skills which students will carry with them throughout their lives, whether social or practical, we’ve broken them down below…


Whether solidifying existing friendships or creating brand new ones. Taking students out of their comfort zone and exploring a new place together means they all have common ground and something to relate to. You’ll be surprised to see what characters come out!


Being out of the classroom, teachers still hold their position of authority and students maintain the respect that is expected of them. However, this is a chance for students to see that teachers are human too (shock horror!). Students getting to see more personality come out of their educators when they’re away from their desk makes them more relatable, and in turn, positively affects the learning environment upon their return to school.


Placing students in a situation out of the ordinary and giving them the opportunity to travel away from home (often the first time without their parents), gives them the room to grow and open their minds to other cultures and form well-rounded ideas of the world around them. Being around Non-English speakers and trying local cuisines is also an exciting factor of a Ski Trip.


Students may arrive on the slopes with concerns or fears if they are first time skiers. Watching them conquer these fears and grow in confidence throughout the trip is greatly rewarding for teachers and parents alike. This teaches students in real-time the value of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Celebrating these victories with other students creates a great bond and community spirit within the group.


A Voyager School Ski Trip promotes the importance of health and fitness. Students have fun whilst being active - this is a positive attitude they can take home with them which benefits their health and physical development.

It’s Fun!

Plainly put, skiing is great fun for all. Students will no doubt look back on their Voyager School Ski Trip with great fondness. They associate the fun memories of taking on the slopes with their peers with being back in the traditional school setting with them, bringing a positive attitude to the classroom and a new passion for learning.


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