Piste wars – resorts accused of exaggerating claims over the length of their ski runs

Piste wars

Thinking of organising a winter ski tour for your school? Well it seems that some European resorts are not quite as well blessed with miles of pistes as they would have us believe.

Christoph Schrahe, a German lecturer in ski resort management, has revealed that many of the most big names of the European ski world - including the massive Trois Vallées in the French Alps – make wildly overblown claims about their piste length and surface area.

Mr Schrahe measured the lengths down the middle of the pistes, following the slopes' twists and turns using a digital mapping system, GPS and Google Earth. He then crosschecked these figures with information given to Where to Ski and Snowboard, or WTSS, the annual guidebook.

He found that the majority of resorts, including some of the biggest in Europe, were overegging their ski run lengths.

The worst culprit was the Swiss resort of Corvatsch-Furtschellas, south of St Moritz, which claims to have 120km of pistes but in fact has 40km by Mr Schrahe’s calculations – three times less.

Voyager School Ski provides tours to a number of resorts across Europe and have studied Mr Schrahe’s findings. He states that Kitzbuhel for example, one of Voyager’s most popular destinations is in fact accurate in its stated piste lengths.

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