The ultimate school ski trip kit list - make sure your students are fully prepared!

School ski packing Kit list

The ultimate school ski trip kit list

As the first major snow of the winter begins to fall in Britain, you may well be preparing for a school ski trip to Europe, with February half term only a month away.

To help you and your students be best prepared for your ski trip, Voyager School Ski have put together the ultimate school ski trip kit list to ensure you have everything you need prior to departure.

As the boy scouts motto says 'Be Prepared' and when you're going skiing this is excellent advice. While many of the items on the list can probably be purchased at your resort, it's a captive marketplace and as such can prove very expensive.

By no means is this list perfect for everyone, advanced skiiers and boarders will have specialist equipment they may want to take, but for school students we believe this is a good place to start!

The list includes some of those ski holiday essentials, including passport, thermals, ski goggles, sunscreen, footwear, towels and other essentials we so often see students forgetting to pack for their school ski trip.

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You can download your school ski packing list here.