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Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ's below are designed to help answer any questions you or your students may have. Of course, if you have any other queries, please contact us here .


Is the resort altitude important for snow?

As a general rule, European ski resorts offer good skiing throughout the winter season.  Some resorts are certainly higher than others, but logic dictates that for a resort to offer season-long skiing it’s height is not necessarily the key factor for good snow conditions. For example, Alpine resorts are subject to central European weather and good snow can usually be found below 2000m. In comparison in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain, the lowest resort height is 2100m and skiing goes as high as 3400m. Most modern resorts have snowmaking facilities they employ in case of poor snowfall.


Are there any restrictions on group size?

We will always try to accommodate any group size and can tailor make a tour to suit your needs. Normally a coach group works on a 1:8 free place ratio with 40 paying students and 5 free places on a coach. Air groups tend to be 1:10 free place ratio with 40 plus 4.


What type of accommodation does Voyager provide?

All of our accommodation has been fully vetted and adhere to the strict rules & regulations of the STF (School Travel Forum) in conjunction with the LoTC quality badge. The Hotels and Youth Hostels we use have all been carefully selected to give our groups easy access to the slopes and excellent facilities.


Do all students require their own passports and visas?

If all students are under 18 years old and British nationals, it is possible to travel on a collective passport as long as the party leader is a full UK passport holder.  Otherwise travelling on their own passports is required, and visas may be needed for non-British Citizens. Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding this.


What about insurance?

Voyager will organise insurance for you should you not already have it in place. We also advise all students to have an up to date European Health Insurance Card EHIC Card which covers medical treatment.


What if there’s no, or very little snow?

This scenario has very rarely troubled European resorts in recent years as they have invested in technologies to cater for poor snowfall.  All resorts have artificial snow-making facilities as they cannot afford to lose custom. If you have any concerns regarding this look for a snowsure resort or talk to the team at Voyager who can advise where the best skiing and snow is virtually guaranteed.


What do the colour gradings of ski runs indicate?

These ratings differ slightly from country to country but serve as an easy reference as to the difficulty of skiing on each slope. In Europe ratings are generally as follows:

  • Green: Learner or Beginner slopes found at the bottom of a mountain.
  • Blue: Easy slopes for skiers with a little experience, found between the middle and the base of the mountain.
  • Red: Intermediate slopes that can be found pretty much anywhere on the mountain.
  • Black: For experts only but ranging from slightly more difficult to a red slope up to extremely challenging such as the very steep avalanche chutes on the infamous Couloirs of Courchevel.


How much time can we expect to spend on slopes?

Depending on the age range of your group this can vary, but most students, (if not already over-excited even before they leave the UK!) will be keen to spend as much time skiing as possible once they learn the basics. As an average for our school groups, 4 hours per day is adequate, although we offer a 5 hour per day option also.


Do we have to write a risk assessment?

Voyager School Ski provides a full risk assessment to enable you to do yours.  Please find this available for download here


Is our coach available for us to use throughout the trip?

Generally, yes. If you do have specific excursions you’d like to take as a group please do contact us to arrange prior to departure.  The driver has regulated hours which he cannot exceed, so the better planned the trip the more likely you’ll be able to do all you want.


Can I extend my payment deadline?

We have payment deadlines to ensure we can secure the flights/transport and accommodation you have selected in time. However we will always try to be as flexible as possible and work with you.  


When can we expect to receive our rooming allocation?

As soon as we receive them from your accommodation provider but usually 2-3 weeks before departure.


When can we expect to receive our ski school timetable?

1-3 weeks prior to departure.


How many ski instructors will be allocated to our group?

1:12 students who Ski, 1:8 students who are snowboarding

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